The Doll House Tree


The Doll House Tree

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Without the generous support of friends, family and associates, we could have never brought The Doll House Tree to life.  It is with sincere gratitude that we offer this page as our way of expressing our appreciation to all of those who helped make a young girl's dream a reality.

Gratitude & Appreciation

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The Doll House Tree

My Dad!


My Aunt Gina Brege


My Nonni Linda Grimm


Rita Malison - For the wonderful artwork!


Barbara Nicholazzo - For encouraging me


Mikie Fambro - Playwright and director of the play


Gail Gawlak of Aspire Marketing Partners - for this website


All my teachers who supported me and encouraged me


Chris Kennedy - For her help in printing my books


All my supporters - For helping me realize my dream and more!

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Gina Brege


Christina Kirsch


Dale Mohr


Al Ferreira


Fritz Gott


Sherri Moscato


Rod Heale


Jim & Jeanne Morey


Tobias Stockstrom

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for helping us to raise the funds necessary to stage the theatrical  production of The Doll House Tree!